Veganista’s Medicinal Herb of the Week

I truly believe in herbal remedies and naturopathy. While I have always drank various herbal teas,  I am learning to appreciate herbs for their medicinal values and natural healing ability for spirit, mind, and body.

Each week, I will post an herb that I actually use. Right now, I am using Dandelion Root, in dried form, for detoxification. So, I will start with this one. Before using any herb, consult a doctor, e.g. a Naturopath, if you have any medical condition.

Did you know that dandelion is a common yard/garden weed? I recall, as a young girl, I saw them everywhere, and I used to pick them with other little girls; and, we would put them underneath each other’s chin, and if there was a reflection, it meant she liked butter. (What childhood naivete and fun).

Functions and Forms

Dandelion has a rich source of vitamins: A, B complex, and C, and minerals: Iron, potassium, and zinc. Did you know that one cup of raw dandelion greens contains 112% daily requirement of vitamin A and 535% of vitamin K! Recent research confirms that it reduces the risk of various preventable diseases, e.g. heart disease, cancer, and type II diabetes. It’s even considered a superfood! ( I’ll take five pounds please. LOL).

The whole weed is edible! It can be added in many recipes, flavor salads and sandwiches,Plant Anatomy and make teas. Also, the flower can be made into juice and wine. The roots can be used for coffee substitutes. The common form are dried bulk herbs, however it is made in other forms, e.g. tinctures and oils. The root is very potent and used to cleanse the liver, support gallbladder function, kidney function, cleanse the  urinary tract and promote digestion. This is why I use it as an overall internal purifier. I have yet to cook with them.

As I learn more about Dandelion, I am extremely excited about this phenomenal weed. I look forward to experiencing its many uses and reaping the benefits. I hope you will too!






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