What’s Good: Hemp Foods

“Hemp, hemp, hooray”* for hemp hearts/shelled hemp seeds and hemp plant-based beverages! Listen, I heard about hemp foods, saw it on grocery shelves, and saw advertisements online and magazines. But, I had not tasted any hemp products or foods until recently. So, I took my lunch break, and went to a local Bartells pharmacy and […]

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Celebrating Vegan Awareness Month

It’s been a crazy first week of November, with all the political hoopla! Of course November 1st was World Vegan Awareness Day, the kickoff for Vegan Awareness Month. Let us now continue to focus on what matters most–our health, well-being, and lifestyle. Let us embrace this special time of harvest by indulging in more vegetables, […]

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How to Make BBQ Tempeh!

It’s still a mild summer in Seattle; So, I made this dish right in the oven. It only baked for 10-15 minutes, after browning the tempeh in a well oiled skillet. I think what really makes this taste delicious is the sunflower oil, of course, plus the liquid aminos, the sweet onions sauteed in the […]

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I Love Guilt-Free Eating!

I bought some croissants and kept singing the old Burger King commercial Burger King Croissand’wich beat the stuffin out of Egg McMuffin and Starbucks had just presented its vegetarian Impossible Breakfast Sandwich. Since neither meet my approval. I made my version of the two: The Veganista Croissant Breakfast Sandwich!

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Grocery List For Mental Health

A 2018 study of 17,000 adults found that people with higher fiber intake of 21 grams per day were less likely to possess symptoms of depression than those who ate less. The recommended intake is 25 to 34 grams daily; however, Americans eat 15 to 18 grams per day, on average. We need to intake […]

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Drinking Water: Boring NO MORE!

For me, drinking water is boring. However, I know that it is important for better health and well-being. It helps with weight loss and metabolism, detoxification and flushing the body of toxins, and so much more. Also, as I age, drinking water is very important to enhance energy and muscle and joint functioning. I want […]

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My Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! My journey of a plant-based eating style started almost 20 years ago, in Minnesota. I started as a vegetarian, for health and wellness reasons, and naturally progressed to a vegan lifestyle for several years. However, moving around the country affected my lifestyle and eating style, to this day, matter of fact! […]

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