Veganista’s Medicinal Herb of the Week

My motto is: Love lemons and live a happy healthy life. I love that lemons have tremendous medicinal use. Lemons have played a great part in my weight loss and maintenance, and vitality. The parts most used are: the rind and juice. Guess what I carry in my purse every day? Lemon juice and lemon oil. Yaaasss honey! I live!

I use lemon juice daily. I squirt several splashes in warm or hot water, and tea, for a morning drink, for throat clearing and body alkalizing (Even though lemon is acidic). Lemon is a great source of vitamin C (For immune function). The citric acid cleanses the kidneys, dilutes and increases urination, reducing fluid retention. Pulp from fresh juiced lemons promote satiety and populates friendly bacteria in the gut. Also, I make my own medicinal lemon-aid shot. It is basically:

  • Lemon juice
  • Apple cider vinegar, (Braggs)
  • A dash of cayenne pepper

which I drank each morning as part of my very own weight loss plan in 2000. Now, I drink the medicinal shot for seasonal cleansing, and when I get bloated from over-indulgence. I never add water or sweetener; however, water can be added, or consumed after taking the shot.

Did you know that lemon oil helps prevent wrinkles, acne, and cellulite, even varicose veins? Yaasss honey! It’s recommended to use it with a base because lemon can sting, burn, and irritate skin if used alone. So, be careful😉.  I use lemon oil daily, for antibacterial use (The higher quality oil is obtained from the flower). I mix it in lotions, other oils, and rubbing alcohol; then, I  rub it on my body from head to toe. I feel and smell extremely fresh and clean.

Did you know that lemon oil is an analgesic, too? Add it to baths to drain the aches and pain away. I use it for taking away headaches! I put about seven drops on my finger tips and rub my temples, or anywhere the head pain is—in minutes my headache is gone!

Lemon oil is an aromatic, too! Seriously, when I need a pick-me-up, I sniff right from the bottle or pour several drops in my hands, along with a spritz or two of isopropyl alcohol, rub them together, and inhale, and I am instantly energized! It’s an excellent oil that refreshes the mind, improves mental clarity, helps uplift depression, retard mood swings, alleviate anxiety and stress. Live honey. I use lemon oil to disinfect, too. Mix it with water and alcohol to spray the air, surfaces, fabrics–everything.

Lemons are really great for women! Lemons may help reduce the risk of various types of cancers, for example, breast cancer.  In pre-menopausal women, it can help prevent anemia, often caused by iron deficiency, because its great source of vitamin c and citric acid increases the absorption of iron from other foods.

There is so much more to explore with lemons. For example, the leaves and dried rinds can be combined with other ingredients to make potpourri. There are countless recipes that use lemons. I think anything that has lemon enhances life, gives vitality, and inspires happiness!

My motto is: Love lemons and live a happy healthy life.

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