How to make Easy, Delicious Vegan Lemonade

This vegan lemonade is easy, healthy, and natural. I wanted to make a delicious summer favorite without doing a lot of work (e.g. juicing lemons) and buying lots of ingredients, like the other vegan lemonade recipes online. Also, I always prefer spending my money on products and consuming food and drinks that are charitable, e.g. Newman’s Own products. Not only are Newman’s Own Lemonade and other beverages delicious; they are affordable and nutritional. It’s a health conscious brand. Far as club soda, I love either Canada Dry or Seagrams brands. For my easy lemonade I used the following:

  • Premade lemonade (Not powdered, frozen or any unnatural products)
  • Fresh lemon slices for garnish (If you can get them right from the tree; that’s best because they have a very distinct and delicious taste. My lemons are straight from a tree, given to me from a visitor from California).
  • Add a desired amount of club soda and lemonade in a fluted glass
  • Add a lemon garnish and straw and sip deliciously!

Note: Honey is not used as a sweetener, because it is not considered vegan. It is not plant-based, but is categorized as animal-based.

Becoming a vegan does not have to be hard. I want to help people experience an easy transition to a vegan eating style. This eating-style is a conscious-eating style; thus, it’s the healthiest eating style. However, I feel it should not be intimidating, which it tends to be, for those who want to transition. Most of us don’t have time for laborious recipes that call for lots of ingredients and preparation. We work, have intense schedules, have multifarious obligations, and we need easy, delicious, healthy food and beverages that we can fix effortlessly.

So, cheers to eating and drinking deliciously–the vegan way!


Question: Are there health benefits to consuming lemons? Learn more here.

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