Make This Delicious and quick breakfast Wrap!

Hi everyone. Vegans have countless choices for breakfast, nowadays. I share with you a few food items that I used to make an original recipe for a breakfast wrap. It makes a very hearty breakfast. One is filling; two makes you stuffed! Delicious and satisfying!

Because I am a tea enthusiast, I share with you my pairing with this meal. I love a pure green tea with most of my meals–breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I chose an organic Mango-Pineapple green tea it is metabolizing to the savory and hearty wrap.

I prefer the stove top method. There is also a microwave method. Read directions.

Texture after adding water. Make sure to use “hot” water; 1 cup.

I first added “Just Egg” to the meatless crumble mixture; then, half was put in a bowl. Make sure to prepare the Just Egg separately; then, add to crumble mixture.

Third step: PF Chang Fried Rice was added to the meatless crumble/just egg mixture. The rice comes frozen and microwaveable in 2.5 minutes.

Last step: I put 3 large dollops of Bitchin’ Sauce on the breakfast wrap. It tasted delicious. I ate two wraps, instead of one! It was that tasty!

Eat Vegan, Be Sexy,


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