Plant-based vs. Vegan foods: Is there a difference?

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This podcast looks at how there seems to be a different focus in plant-based foods and vegan foods. While one is focused on food technology, the other is focused on nature and nutritional value. This notion came after reading an article interview of Questlove who is passionate about "the future of plant-based food and consumption."
  1. Veganista's Trending News: An OP-ED World Vegan Month Special
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New Entry 11/06/2022 10:08 PM

A plant-based diet can take any of several forms. A vegan diet is clearly plant-based, so are the different types of vegetarian diets, from the lacto-ovo (some dairy in the diet), pescatarian (includes fish, but no other meats or animal products). The most common plant-based diet in America is probably an eating style that focuses mostly on vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and other plant foods, but also includes small amounts of animal foods from time to time. Source: Reader’s Digest. 2021. Plant Based Health Basics.

New Entry 11/07/2022 9:28 PM

Read the actual article: “Plant Food Is the Future”: Why Questlove’s Impossible Cheesesteak was Only the Beginning. VegNews

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