2 Must Have secret Baking Tips For the Holidays!

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Secret Tip # 1. Guess what, you do not have to make your own cake and cupcake batter, or compromise and buy a prepared mix that has lots of bad stuff and animal products in it! Open Nature cake and cupcake mix is premade and plant-based! NO animal products. I use the yellow cake mix. If you can not find it locally, try Amazon, or a shopping app, like instacart. Open Nature mix is so easy and tastes delicious, using only: The mix, vegan butter, milk, and eggs. I don’t use powdered anything. I use liquid, for a perfect batter every time! Use unflavored milks, delicious tasting butters, and JUST EGGS, plant-based liquid, in the refrigerated section.

Secret Tip#2. When you shop at any local grocery store, you WILL NOT find a shelf-ready, vegan cake frosting. You can look high and low, and you will not find any. As, you look, you may be tempted to buy a product that has frankenfood ingredients in it, along with animal product in it too. You don’t have to compromise! In the breakfast food isle, you will find the answer! There are various brands of butters, spreads, etc, made of pure plant-based ingredients that are deliciously chocolate, even gourmet. I found a brand that had two varieties. I bought both! A Belgian dark chocolate and one with dark chocolate, salted caramel and sea salt. OMG, so delicious. While they come in small glass jars and pricey, it is worth it–providing the healthiest choice, saving me time, and giving me a delicious topping for my baked goods.

For new vegans, vegans who don’t like to cook, and those who are time crunched, these two tips, will provide you with items that will give you with mouth-watering, crying for more, baked goodies for the holidays–and beyond.

A BONUS TIP: Use silicone fall decorating containers. No more greasing and sprinkling flour at the bottom of pans, hoping that your goods will not break or fall apart. While silicone does not require any non stick spray, I recommend using a little, especially for bakeware that has fine lines and grooves, for quick and easy clean up. It works like a charm. Also with silicone, the cakes can be removed, while hot–in tact! It is baked solid. I recommend getting a quality brand, like Nordic Bakeware, etc.

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