Book Review Of The Happy Vegan

Review of Chapter: Misconceptions

I am now listening to the book, The Happy Vegan, by Russell Simmons, the actual founder and creator of the Hip-Hop Culture in America, and world-wide. However, in his 30s, he began to change his lifestyle through: Meditation, Yoga, and Vegan.

In this audio, I share my insights and opinions, etc about each chapter of the book. My intention is to share what stands out for me and share it to inspire change. Maybe you are vegetarian, but want to become vegan OR maybe you transitioned to eating vegan–and want to stay vegan. This is a great place to start.

I have read many of his other books, which are filled with wisdom and practical life lessons and advice that have helped me tremendously. As a vegan, I really want to share this book because it is tremendous and convincing, packed with so much information and insight<<that heat, and that smoke! It will put something on your mind–and above all, save your life.

Listen and share my audio. Of course, get The Happy Vegan book! Let’s start a conversation, get educated, become aware, and spread the word.

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month!


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