What are the best ways to improve Digestive health?

Autumn is next week; it’s getting colder. During the fall and winter seasons, many of us tend to eat more food. Foods that are rich, filling, savory and warm, etc. tend to be our choice. Also, our movement tends to slow down; we seek to stay still and be cozy and warm. These factors affect our digestive health greatly. That is why we need to include the best digestive health aids.

Here are my top three natural, vegan friendly ways to aid in healthy digestion:

1. Drink Digestive Teas

I highly recommend my favorites: Dandelion Root Tea (Now I’m drinking organic dandelion chai probiotic tea by Traditional Medicinals brand), Calendula Tea, and Ginger Tea.

Dandelion Chai Probiotic Tea in my favorite Starbucks logo mug!

2. Take Digestive Enzymes

I have been taking digestive enzymes for many, many years. I highly recommend Bromelain, which is derived from pineapples, especially the stems. I take one before I eat, or sometimes after I eat some food. It works gently and immediately.

3. Exercise

During the colder seasons, we tend to hibernate, and move less. When we don’t move, we tend to have constipation and indigestion. Our metabolism slows down. Regular exercise keeps us “regular,” helps speed up our metabolism, and moves food through our digestive system.

These three suggestions are great aids to the best digestive health, especially used together. Create a daily regimen that includes remedies/aids for the best digestive health. Learn more about how to ensure a healthy digestive.

Eat Vegan, Be Sexy,


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