How Can Vegan breakfast be exotic and Easy to make?

We tend to go for the usual type cheese for making breakfast, I find; for example American, colby-jack, cheddar. There’s nothing wrong with them. I eat those cheeses, too–vegan of course. But, today, there are numerous varieties of cheeses available for the vegan palate.

This exotic/artisan cheese pairs well with fruit preserves/jams, like raspberry.

So after work, on a Friday, I shopped for weekend breakfast at Wholefoods. Instead of getting my favorites. I decided to try something new. I discovered Miyoko’s artisan Herbs de Provence. It looked good. I loved the packaging and presentation. So, I was willing to pay the price, about $10, for a wheel.

This is a rich cheese. A few small slices will satisfy perfectly for a small breakfast. I noticed that it pairs well with sweet and fruity foods and drinks, because it’s so deliciously savory. As I ate it, I thought, I love how it compliments everything on my plate. It adds a delicious exotic flavour. I will add this to my favorite food list, too! Not only does it taste exotic and delicious, it’s nutritious too!

Eat exotically! Eat deliciously! Eat Nutritiously!


Adding aged artisan cheese adds an exotic, delicious flavor to a simple breakfast. I made this breakfast in 5 minutes!

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