Tofu Scramble: Is It Easy to Make?

I think tofu “eggs” is better because it doesn’t have that animal smell, taste, and effect.

Veganista is a prime blog for new vegans, busy vegans, and vegans who do not like spending lots of time preparing and cooking meals. I know what it is to be all three.

Today, it is very easy for vegan to make delicious, quick, and nutritious meals. So, we don’t have to pay for expensive precooked meals from grocery stores or online meal deliveries. I find if I can keep a well-stocked refrigerator of my favorite foods, I can quickly and easily make my favorite meals in 5 minutes or less. Online you will find recipes that call for lots of time and ingredients. Veganista shows how to make it quick and easy. You’ll have a meal in much less time!

So, with this mashed tofu, not only do I make tofu scramble; but, I use a portion for a fried rice dish for supper! So, a block of tofu goes a long way: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, I find that tofu “eggs” is better because it doesn’t have that animal smell, taste, and effect. Tofu comes in different textures: Soft, Firm, Extra Firm. The choice is yours. However, as new vegans try them all to find which texture(s) you like best. I might add that Tofu, is not only easy to use, but is very economical. We love that, right?!

Bon Appetit!

Vegan Consciousness-raising: What are the health benefits of tofu? Learn more here.

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