How to Make The Best Vegan King Cake

Learn more about the KING Cake. It doesn’t mention anything about a Vegan version. Leave comments below. TY

While the King Cake, is a world wide phenomenon, I wonder about the ingredients that make up the cake. There are many variation of the King Cake. Each represents culture and the indigenous ingredients of that culture. Vegans represent a growing massive lifestyle and eating style culture, world wide, and our version would use non animal or plant-based ingredients for our consumption and participation in the celebration of its meaning of faith and Divinity.

So, a Vegan King Cake? You betcha! Below, are ingredients that I suggest are the best vegan brands and substitutes to make the best King Cake ever! However, I do not post an actual step by step recipe. You can find actual vegan king cake recipes online; simply input: Vegan King Cakes and use the useful ingredient guide below.

Non Vegan Cake IngredientsVegan Cake Ingredients
FlourGrain or nut flour; Grain-free and nut-free flour
Egg yokesJust Egg plant-based liquid
ButterMiyokos Vegan Butter Sticks or spread
MilkUnsweetened Soy or Almond Milk
Granulated sugarStevia or monk fruit
Vanilla extractVanilla extract
Baker’s dry yeastBaker’s dry yeast
Fresh grated nutmegFresh grated nutmeg
Non-Vegan Icing IngredientsVegan Icing Ingredients
Powdered SugarPowdered Sugar
Condensed MilkVegan Substitute (Purchase or Recipe)
Purple, gold, green sugarsAdd 2 drops of food colors to sugar
Plastic baby or Fava bean Plastic baby or Fava bean
Substitutes to make a Vegan King Cake

Please share any pictures of your final cake products on this blog or on my twitter feed, with a link to any comments. We would love to see who got the piece with the baby or fava! Thank you.

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