Are We Ready For Vegan Reality Cooking Shows?

I love watching reality cooking shows on tv food networks! But, shouldn’t there be vegan reality cooking shows on mainstream tv? I mean fully vegan cooking reality tv shows! But, for some reason, they do not exist on any networks! Oh, there are “vegan-friendly” shows, and “vegan-friendly moments on food tv shows;” but, is that enough?

As we evolve as humans, our lifestyles and eating styles are evolving. Plant-based eating, cooking, and food options are tremendously popular, and are strong indicators that it is a food category that is wanted, and needed by countless consumers. Thus, there is an audience for such competitive reality shows on mainstream tv networks. So, what’s the problem?

I think that there is a misconception that while the vegan eating style and plant-based foods are healthiest–they lack taste and do not present well compared to non vegan foods and non plant-based foods. But, that simply is not true. Vegan recipes and cooking techniques and presentation continue to evolve. Isn’t it worth presenting this eating style and consumption to viewers on tv networks via reality food shows to actually show its evolution? Isn’t it worth showcasing everyday vegans who actually cook and bake well enough to compete on reality tv shows? I think it would work!

There are numerous famous and popular Vegan chefs and authors for example, Bryant Terry, and everyday vegan chefs who could serve as judges; even people from vegan media and organizations, for example, Tracye McQuirter, author and founder of 10,000 Black Vegan Women etc., could serve as judges for such shows. Also, even non vegan chefs, who are interested and curious about the eating style could be competitors AND judges, to show that there can be “cross-over” if you will. Darius Williams, of, while not vegan, created a vegan cookbook, (hardcopies and ebooks), and cooks vegan on his youtube channel, periodically, and realizes that the vegan eating style is healthy, has evolved, and continues to evolve. He would make a great judge on such a reality competition show! He is just one example of how there is an embracing and a cross-over potential among non vegans.

This is just my thoughts and high hopes. I truly hope that competative vegan reality shows on mainstream tv is something in the works for tv networks. Are we ready for a Vegan Reality Competative TV Show? Supposedly, there is something coming this summer, called Peeled. (Learn more).

A new competative reality tv show–fully Vegan! Summer 2022!

I hope that it is representative of the real diversity of vegans. I hope its done right and inclusive. The research and people are out there. I would love to enjoy watching such shows. It’s a way to grow and inspire healthy cooking and eating among consumers. I hope all of vegans show our support!

Remember, Eat Vegan, Be Sexy.


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