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Why Juice marijuana plants?

Consumers and health professionals are looking into juicing raw cannabis plants for its potent superfood enzymes and nutrients, for healing and prevention. There are numerous ways to consume the raw cannabis plant. But, juicing is the healthiest delivery of properties into the human system. People who do not want the “high” from smoking or eating cannabis (THC) choose juicing (THC-A). While it has a strong taste, it can be infused with other vegetables for a more palatable taste. Interestingly, research shows that a person can tolerate more cannabis in its raw (or unheated) form, 500-600 milligrams of THC-A, CBD-A, and CBG-A, versus cannabis in its heated form, 10 milligram (THC). (Yes 10, not 100)!

I love juicing. I just bought a new masticating juicer last week. As I drink fresh juice, I feel immediate impact and work in my system; I feel satiated, less hungry throughout the day, and I have more energy. I love experimenting with various combinations. I try to keep in mind proper food combining principles.


What are the leading healing and preventive benefits?

  • Brain health
  • Heart health
  • Immune system health
  • Fight against inflammation, cancer and tumor formations
  • Healthy cell functioning

The human body naturally produces endocannabinoids to regulate our vital bodily systems. However, when there is a malfunction or deficiency in natural production, cannabinoids in cannabis, takes over, or mimics, natural production to ensure proper functioning.

Some may argue that because inflammation is considered to be the cause of 90 percent of all disease–fighting inflammation is, therefore, the number one benefit of juicing cannabis leaves. I agree with this argument. It makes sense. There are growing stories of people who overcome the death sentences given to them–that they would have to live with the symptoms and take medication forever–and actually experience healing and recovery; experiencing things they were told they would never experience. Lives and bodily functioning are fully restored. However, I recommend that lifestyle change is the ultimate game changer. It is not enough to drink cannabis juice, and live and consume anything and everything we want. Ultimately, it is about natural and ageless living.


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