Tips and Secrets for Summer Blissful Eating

While the hot weather season is here, it does not mean we have to skip preparing, cooking, and eating our favorite meals. For me, that favorite meal is breakfast. Weekends are the only time, I get to savor this meal time. Consider these three lifestyle #BreakfastBlissfulEating tips, with interesting secrets, to elevate your eating style during the summer or any time!

I drink water Upon awakening and before eating.

  • This helps get the body ready for easier digestion. Did you know that drinking warm/room temperature water is better than cold water? It helps with better digestion, circulation, and removal of toxins. Yet, cold water keeps the body temperature down longer. So, maybe it depends on the circumstances. But, I prefer drinking warm water before breakfast. Also, did you know that it is contraindicated to drink any liquids WITH meals? I learned that it is important to drink at least 30 minutes before meals (for proper digestion) and 1-3 hours after meals (for maximum nutrient absorption). This is a good practice because drinking to soon before and after meals interfere with proper digestion.

I eat more fruit.

  • I find myself eating more water dense fruits, e.g. watermelon, during the hot summer season. I use to like cantaloupe, but I don’t digest it well anymore. Early on, I learned very interesting information about food and fruit combining. Did you know that melons should be always be eaten alone? Not only should melons not be mixed with other fruits and other food categories, but they should not be mixed with other melons! It’s basically because fruits have different digestive idiosyncrasies., e.g. watermelon digests fast and flushes the system quickly. If it is paired with another fruit it tends to create gas, bloating, and indigestion. So, there is a great deal of information about “fruit combining” (and food combining): I highly recommend “Heal Thyself Natural Living Cookbook,” by Diane Ciccone, which is a great book for vegans, especially beginning vegans. It should be in every vegan library!

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I eat light.

  • This is an important lifestyle practice, not only during the hot summer season! Eating light means eating less quantity without eating less quality. For example, I love vegan sausage and plant based eggs, and toast, etc. But, I choose to have one or two sausages and one egg fold, and one piece of toast, for example. It tastes delicious, and satisfies any cravings. I eat plant-based yogurt for digestion. Nowadays, there are so many plant-based brands; and, it seems to be new ones popping up almost every month or so. I LOVE Forager yogurt, Vanilla Bean, which is so light and delicious! (I just discovered this brand a month or two ago at Whole Foods). (Click here for a valuable coupon).
My favorite brand and flavor!

These few eating techniques ensure proper consumption/digestion of my food. While some of these techniques are basic, eating is really more complex. All in all, the summer eating experience should be enjoyable in every way! Eat deliciously and nutritiously.

Bon Appetit!

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