What’s Good: How I Enjoy Breakfast on a Higher Level

Over 50 and Single, and Why It May Not Be Time to Mingle Pink & Prime

I love making and eating weekend breakfast. Monday through Friday, however, is an after thought! (However, I do take my liquid supplements, and sip my favorite Starbucks beverage–Green Tea Frappuccino with soy milk, and no whip cream, which boosts my energy and suppresses my appetite during the work day). But, it’s something about starting my weekend mornings with a great-tasting, cooked, vegan breakfast, and sitting down at the table or on the balcony, and enjoying each delicious bite of food. It’s truly a time to slow down and relish the moment of eating breakfast. It really is a time to savor and experience what is called “mindful eating.”

I love typical breakfast foods, all vegan of course: Sausage, more so than bacon, eggs, breads, pancakes, waffles, butter, jams/preserves, and side of fruit. My favorite breakfast beverage is hot tea, and purified water. Recently, I discovered three new products that have taken my weekend breakfast experience to a whole other level.


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A few Fridays ago, after work, I went to Whole Foods, a favorite grocery store where I love to pick of my favorite foods for the weekend, and make new food discoveries. In the frozen food department, an end cap caught my attention. It was: Beyond Meat sausage patties ( I purchased the spicy flavor), and Just Egg “Folded plant eggs.” Also, I finally purchased a loaf of La Boulangerie Super Flaky Vegan Croissant Toast! OMG, I really scored!

So, the next morning, on a Saturday, I awoke thrilled and ready for breakfast. I cooked everything according to directions, hoping for the best. To my delight, the sausage patties were well seasoned, juicy and plump, the Just Eggs were perfect (with or without any of my favorite seasons of: Sea salt, black pepper, and paprika) and the croissant toast was browned and crispy to perfection (I used my oven broiler; I don’t use common toasters). OMG, when I tasted everything, I was in heaven! This weekend, I had the same “Breakfast Bliss” experience, but, I didn’t have a side of fruit.

Bon Appetit!

A Sunday morning breakfast on the balcony

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