What’s Good: Hemp Foods

“Hemp, hemp, hooray”* for hemp hearts/shelled hemp seeds and hemp plant-based beverages! Listen, I heard about hemp foods, saw it on grocery shelves, and saw advertisements online and magazines. But, I had not tasted any hemp products or foods until recently.

So, I took my lunch break, and went to a local Bartells pharmacy and food store. It is one of the best Bartells because it always features new, interesting food products and brands. This particular day, it had a hemp foods display. It got my attention because I had just saw a video about hemp foods. So, I purchased these two items:

My first hemp food purchases. “Hemp, hemp, hooray!”*

Do you want to make your salads and side dishes, e.g. vegan mac and cheese, healthier and come alive! Sprinkle on some nutrient packed hemp hearts, and BOOM! This week, I sprinkled some on a bowl of fresh spring mix salad greens, along with some vegan Colby Jack cheese, and my favorite vegan salad dressing. It was the BEST darn salad I have tasted–ever! OMG, forget about lousy nutrient deficient croutons, and welcome in hemp hearts/shelled hemp seeds! I jazzed up some mac & cheese that I got from a vegan restaurant, and BAM! The bland side dish exploded with deliciousness. What I love about hemp hearts is the nutrient content. Above all, it has ALL the Essential Amino Acids that humans need! I also love the flavor boost it gives with its “delicious nutty flavor.” Visit the website for recipes and blog articles!

*(Hemp, hemp, hooray is taken from Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods)

The hemp plant-based beverage tastes delicious. It’s even good enough to drink alone, as a smoothie base, and in recipes that call for milk substance. I have begun to use it as a base to create “medicinal shots,” small dose drinks for different remedies. Also, check out its website for recipes.

Bon appetit!

A special invitation

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