How Hip-Hop Influences Vegan Eating and Wellness

I saw this video yesterday (2/21/2021) for the first time, and viewed it several times that day. While Russell Simons has always been about entrepreneurship, his underlying mission is to uplift people. A the pioneer of the original hip-hop generation he influenced a cultural phenomenon for countless demographics around the world. He knew that to change the world, creating a culture was key. He created a dominate culture that is alive and kickin’ to this day! As he evolved, he wanted to share his wisdom, knowledge, experience, and secrets to help the masses evolve too. This is a must see video. For some, you already know about Russell Simmons. For others, this is a great way to get to know who he is today, and what he is doing to advance the vegan lifestyle.

A great addition for the Vegan library in your home

I read his various national best-selling books and will be purchasing his current book, Eat to Live, which you can purchase here. (I have not seen it on Amazon, as of 2/22/2021). But, you can purchase it right from the publisher.

Also, view and listen to UncleRush on Facebook talk about his new book, Eat to Live, here.

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