Tis The Season for Comfort Food Eating

It’s cold outdoors, and one of the best remedies is eating body warming comfort foods. I just finished cooking a skillet of Corned Beef Hash, for brunch, Veganista style, of course! I kept wondering what to fix with the Beyond Beef in my fridge. I already had tacos and hamburgers. I also had some potatoes and onions; so, I thought, I’ll make some Corned beef hash. It turned out delicious and satiating. It made me feel warm–and a LOT relaxed!

“Corned Beyond Beef Hash” with a kick!

My version has a few secret ingredients: Liquid Smoke, Red Pepper Flakes, and Liquid Amino Acids, which give it a kick! That combination gives a heightened relaxed feeling. The taste is addictive. I already had two bowls! I truly believe that #FoodGivesMood!

I did a little online research: What is corned beef hash? Wikipedia gives an interesting history. For example, the word hash is a French derived word, hacher, or to chop. Originally, it was a way to use left overs. (I think it was also a way to make a little go a long way by finely chopping the ingredients). Of course there are various versions of Hash based on what you have in YOUR fridge. Also, hash is considered a breakfast food. I don’t recommend it for week day breakfast; save it for the weekends because it is a VERY sedative comfort food. Wikipedia also says that Corn Beef Hash commonly served on St. Patrick’s Day, is served during American Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday time.

A sparkling wine or a hard lemonade would pair well with this dish for a brunch or dinner!

So, if you are looking for a quick dish to put you in a relaxed and satiated mood, this is the one! It might even be a great dish to relax children who are hyped during the weekends and holiday time. Give them a bowl full and viola! You got peace and quiet!

Happy Holiday Eating,

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