Celebrating Vegan Awareness Month

It’s been a crazy first week of November, with all the political hoopla! Of course November 1st was World Vegan Awareness Day, the kickoff for Vegan Awareness Month. Let us now continue to focus on what matters most–our health, well-being, and lifestyle. Let us embrace this special time of harvest by indulging in more vegetables, nuts, and grains that are rich in color, texture, taste, and nutrients. I noticed that I have started craving and eating nuts, savory pistachios and cashews (My FAVES).

This is my favorite time of year! I intend to linger in the beauty of autumn by strolling outdoors, enjoying the rich colors of nature, and breathing in the exhilaration of crisp, brisk air. Online, I look forward to visiting, exploring, and sharing blog articles, recipes, resources, and news for this month of celebrating being vegan. The ultimate day of this month, of course, is Thanksgiving. So, we have a lot of things to do, be grateful and thankful for: Good food, staying warm and cozy, family and friends, wealth, and above all our health.

Happy Vegan Awareness Month,

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