Why This Is a Five-star Vegan Cookbook

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hi everyone. I am so excited because I just received this new vegan cookbook titled, “Vegan, But with Soul,” by Darius Williams! He is not a vegan, but he does support the eating style. (See videos). I give this book a five star rating for the following main reasons:

  • The pictures. They are huge and glossy, and seem to leap off the page. They overwhelm the senses. (I actually sent him a tweet stating how I had to put the book down due to the overwhelm of my senses, looking at page after page of the mouth-watering recipes). You can tell that he put his heart and soul into this endeavor.
  • The recipes. I love that they are concise and easy to follow. They include ingredients and foods I love, as well as include new ingredients and foods I would love to savor. What makes the recipes soulful is the seasoning and the richness in taste and texture. Otherwise they are his take on typical fare . Above all, each recipe makes you want to cook!
  • The support. Darius truly supports and recommends the vegan eating style. He helps people acclimate to the eating style by dedicating a section of the book to tips for transitioning.

This book is for anyone who loves soul food, rich food, mouth-watering food, vegan food, and easy to make recipes; you must get this book (Hard copy or digital. I got the hard copy). It is definitely a five-star book. It is a book that you want to add to your collection. It makes a great gift for anyone in the cooking industry who want to master soul food cooking, family, friends, new moms who want to cook delicious plant-based dishes for the family.

With love,


To get this book, click the pics!

Page after page of mouth-watering recipes.
This is a sample of a traditional soul food fare: Old Fashioned Mac & Cheese.
A must have book for people who want to transition to eating vegan, but with soul!
Darius Williams, you get the Veganista Stamp of Approval!

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