How I am Kicking Off National Wellness Month

Yesterday, I found out about National Wellness Month (NWM), through a food source called NatureSweet Tomatoes. I immediately googled it. It was founded by LiveLoveSpa in 2018 to promote its industry. The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Wellness Month to be observed yearly in August. Don’t you love it?!

National Wellness Month emphasizes self-care, stress-management, and healthy lifestyle and behavior. It encourages trying new things as well as doing things that we have put on the shelf. It is a time to challenge ourselves to make changes and improvements to impact our health and well-being. I’m all in!

However, today, I came home from work with the intent (mindset) of going straight to bed; I felt so exhausted. Yet, I had so much to do. So, I created this wellness/energy drink to give me a different mindset. Now, here I am blogging, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, looking at cooking videos, not feeling tired at all! Instant and natural rejuvenation. This is a prime example of focusing self-care and well-being.

I call it Veganista’s Black Magic Energy Drink<<Get into it!

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