How to Make BBQ Tempeh!

You can make this Veganista recipe in minutes!

It’s still a mild summer in Seattle; So, I made this dish right in the oven. It only baked for 10-15 minutes, after browning the tempeh in a well oiled skillet.

I think what really makes this taste delicious is the sunflower oil, of course, plus the liquid aminos, the sweet onions sauteed in the BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce is important. Try to use organic. But, the trick to purchasing the best sauce is–reading the labeled ingredients! The one I chose had all the ingredients I love, and I knew it would result into a great caramelized sauce that I love.

Veganista Stamp of Approval

I am very pleased with how my dish turned out! If you are craving BBQ, you will love this dish. Serve it up with a side of coleslaw, and you will be good to go! Eat deliciously!

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