Are You Eating to Age Well?

This is a great video to watch–right now! It is concise and informative conversation that inspires and motivates! But, if you have always included these foods, that’s great! You can still try new and creative ways to prepare and incorporate them into your daily living.

As a mature woman, aging well is important. It can be challenging. I notice that as I age, there are foods that I can no longer tolerate. It’s hard letting them go. But, a way to think about the process is–the intolerance is for creating a better and new lifestyle, one that supports who I am today.

Aging well is about making important and hard choices, to do what is right for you. Your partner and friends are getting older too; however, they may still tolerate foods that you ate together, while you don’t. For example, your digestion may be slower than your partner’s or your friends that you have always ate with at restaurants and dinners, etc. It’s okay, because it allows for new and different conversations relative to eating styles and relationships. It doesn’t have to be the end of the world. It can be a great, new beginning.

While we tend to disassociate aging and maturing with great and new beginnings; I think that is exactly what it suppose to be-more greater, better, and improved living! Exploring and trying new things can be exciting as we address the changes that are happening, even though the changes can be frightening. Among different things, for me, digestion and metabolism of foods that I have always consumed have all of a sudden become harder to consume. This is the fork in the road–what to do? Give them up? Prepare them differently? Consume them differently? Whatever the choice, it will be right and best for me.

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