The Healing Journey Never Ends

I just got this in the mail last week; and I am now reading it.

I got this book because, I want to grow and develop as a Veganista. Because it’s not just about food consumption; it is a lifestyle of wellness. It is a wellness consciousness, always growing, evolving, experiencing, learning, and sharing. Yet, it is about using food to advance and ensure wellness, to heal, and to make whole.

Overtime, I have read other books by Queen Afua. The most important thing I learned is that wholesome, fresh foods can detoxify, purify, create balance, and provide harmony–Spirit, mind, and body. In my fast pace lifestyle, I found myself sacrificing and compromising my food choices, which has, more or less, affected my spirit, mind, and body. So, I look forward to the support of The City of Wellness: Restoring Your Health Through the Seven Kitchens of Consciousness to advance my wholistic lifestyle.

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