The Flip-side of Stress-Eating: Self-compassion!

For a while, I have been experiencing lots of bloating, indigestion, and abdominal cramping. Honestly, I have not been handling stress properly. I have been slacking and taking what I think are quick fixes, which really are not the answer. I have been stress eating, aka, emotional eating. While it is natural and normal to stress eat occasionally; when it becomes far-reaching symptoms, it is time to take a look at underlying factors and problems, get back on track, and/or come up with a tweaked life-style plan. So, that’s where I am today!

  • I have to do more me-time. Do what makes me happy, even if its only for 15 minutes
  • Don’t be so hard on myself; have MORE self-compassion
  • Choose to focus on the good and positive aspects of life
  • I have to relax more. I mean really relax, and get proper sleep
  • I have to limit my “quick-fixes,” e.g. eating crisps/chips, etc.
  • I have to remind myself that ”quick fixes” can quickly turn into far-reaching symptoms, and are not the real answer to my underlying factors/problems of stress
  • Stick to an exercise routine
  • Stick to a detoxification and purification routine

As I write this post, stress really is a symptom that indicates my life, body/mind/spirit, wants to get back to its positive, healthy routine. It is signaling that better choices need to be made. This is where sensitivity to my being is key. This is about remembering self-compassion.

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