Veganista’s Medicinal Herb of the Week

My favorite ingredient is Spirulina 😍

This product is packed with nutrients! It has all of my favorites, and some new ones. My favorite is Spirulina,  (while categorized as an herbal remedy, it is actually a bacteria),  which I have consumed for years. Actually, you can live on spirulina alone. As a vegan,  we can get major protein from it, 60%, compared to 25% from chicken and beef.  (Proteins are building blocks to make muscle, organs, and skin, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, and other body molecules, and without them the body would fall apart. This is why people always ask vegetarians and vegans–where do you get your source of protein?).  

Spirulina is really bacteria not an herb

Combining Spirulina with  the other nutrients: Wheat Grass, Spinach, Alfalfa, Blue Agave, Oat Fiber, Jerusalem Artichoke, and prebiotic fibers makes this a very powerful supplement. The Blue Agave and Jerusalem Artichoke are new to me. Inulin, a starchy substance, is found in both. It is useful for weight loss, constipation, which is a contributing factor to the product’s cleansing and detoxifying, and vitalizing properties. It’s also known as a prebiotic.

So, I have been taking it for almost one week. It’s working! I feel less bloated. I feel lighter, and more energized. However, I am doing other things, especially exercise. I recommend drinking more water to help process the nutrients.

My Green Power gets the Veganista stamp of approval!


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