Drinking Water: Boring NO MORE!

For me, drinking water is boring. However, I know that it is important for better health and well-being. It helps with weight loss and metabolism, detoxification and flushing the body of toxins, and so much more. Also, as I age, drinking water is very important to enhance energy and muscle and joint functioning. I want and need all of that, but I need greater motivation.

Drinking water does not have to be flat, bland, dry, and ho-hum! For me, water needs to be more fabulous, sensational, and exciting. I know there many kinds of water on the market. But, I want more! I want a spirit, mind, and body experience! For real!

Have you heard of Detox water? It sounds redundant, right? Because, water is a natural detoxifier. But, detox water, especially when infused with fresh and natural elements, is packed with more nutrients and vitamins. It’s tastier, and prettier too. For example combining slices of lemon, lime, and sprigs of mint is colorful, smells great, and above all, tastes great. Also, known as spa water, or infused water (sold in stores), detox water is something that I can make myself, which is what I am going to do!

Introducing….Veganista Detox Water: A Mind, Body, Spirit Experience. My very own experimentation with infusing natural elements. Each infusion will be beautiful, delicious to drink, and have specific target and intent for mind, body, and spirit.  I love lemon. So, some of the infusions will definitely have lemon. Stay tuned!


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