My Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

My journey of a plant-based eating style started almost 20 years ago, in Minnesota. I started as a vegetarian, for health and wellness reasons, and naturally progressed to a vegan lifestyle for several years. However, moving around the country affected my lifestyle and eating style, to this day, matter of fact!

A vegetarian again, I have been consuming lots of dairy, and craving and eating fish, esp. salmon and tuna. Yet for almost one year, I have stopped eating yogurt–completely. I was over eating it, especially when I discovered Elenos yogurt. Instead, I began eating ice cream! Hagen daz (Green Tea), Ben and Jerry’s (Chunky Monkey), and Talenti Gelato (Raspberry Chocolate Chip), for the last couple of months, practically every day.

Completely out of control, I have decided that enough is enough. It’s going to be a process. But, I know being a vegan is the healthiest option for me. Over these several months, I don’t like the weight gain, the bloatedness, the ankle swelling.  My skin is very dry, and I notice my face is puffy and lumpy, along with breakouts.

The first thing I am going to do is flush out my system by detoxing with teas, supplements, and the sauna and steam room–each day. Oh, and drink water. Water is key because it is the ultimate detox. So, let the journey begin.cropped-28945-200-211.png

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